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How to Shop from the USA?

Are you trying to place an order using your EshopWedrop American Delivery Address?
We strongly recommend that you review the information below - you need to follow the guidelines below to ensure your parcel is successfully delivered.  

Firstly, visit your EshopWedrop account to check your American Delivery Address is available -  MY ACCOUNT
If you don’t have an EshopWedrop Account Sign up HERE

How does the USA service work?

The USA EshopWedrop Origin warehouse is based in New York and close to JFK airport. This means, that every time you are shopping online from online retailers your parcels will be sent to the USA Origin Warehouse and from here they will be delivered to the UK warehouse, via Heathrow airport.

Deliveries to the USA Warehouse are accepted from Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm (New York time).
All parcels are processed within 24hrs after delivery, except those delivered during Thursdays, which are processed on the same day.

Cut off times – Parcels with customs details updated and confirmed by 9 AM Eastern Time (ET) for each departure day will be included in the same day’s departure.
Currently we have one weekly departure from the USA Origin Warehouse, on each Friday with the airfreight departure from JFK Airport, NYC on Sunday and arrival at London Heathrow Airport on Monday morning.

Thus parcels delivered to our USA Origin Warehouse from Friday to Thursday will be processed and recorded in our system by Thursday Close of Business (ET). The clients will need to update the customs details of these parcels by Friday 9 AM ET in order to ensure they will depart the same Friday.

What do I need to do when parcel arrives at the USA warehouse?

Please log in to your Personal Account and complete the following steps:
Upload supporting documentation for the products categories and values declared (invoice, online order confirmation, proforma invoice, etc.).
This document must present clearly the description of the products, the quantity and the amount paid for the products. If any of these details are missing the parcel cannot depart from the USA! You must complete the product category details mentioned above in ENGLISH ONLY and must match the description from the supporting documentation (invoice or online order confirmation).

Declared value in USD including any applicable sales tax and USA delivery charges, according to the supporting documentation uploaded. The maximum value per parcel accepted by the system is USD 2,500. This is the maximum value for simplified export formalities accepted by the US Customs Authorities.

Please note: If you do not have a default delivery address in your destination country declared in your account you will be prompted to add one.  This is a necessary condition for the parcels to be sent from the USA. This address will be declared as your address for the export and import customs formalities.

What happens when the parcels arrive in the UK?

Firstly, Parcels arrive in the UK on Monday at the Heathrow Airport for import customs clearance (see more details below about the import customs formalities). Once the parcels have been customs cleared they will be delivered by Tuesday (12 PM UK time) to the EshopWedrop UK origin warehouse. At the UK Origin Warehouse the parcels will be sorted and will leave on the next scheduled departure from UK to Cyprus.

For further questions please feel free to contact our Customer Service Team.
Customer Service Contact Details: Tel.:  +357 22711212 , Email:

What are the charges for delivery a parcel from USA?

Delivery prices are calculated based on the parcels’ chargeable weight*
* Chargeable weight:  The Chargeable Weight of Air Freight shiopmemnts are calculated as the Actual Weight (Gross Weight) or the Volumetric (also called Volume or Dimensional) Weight of the shipment, whichever is the greater. The Volumetric Weight that is calculated based on the dimensions (length, width and height) of a parcel: Length (cm) x Width (cm) x Height (cm) / 6,000. Typically, large items with a light overall weight take up more space on an aircraft than a small, heavy item. That’s why the Airlines charge according to Chargeable Weight.

Import Customs Formalities

When parcels arrive at London Heathrow Airport, UK each of them are subject to import customs formalities – this allows the parcels to be circulated as EU parcels to any EU destination country without any other customs formalities during the transit or at destination.

Once the parcels arrived in the UK the USD declared value is converted into GBP based on the FX rate published monthly by the HM Revenue & Customs (UK Customs Authorities).

Low Value (LV) Parcels with value up to £14.99: Parcels to this value are exempt from custom formalities, import VAT or import duties.
Medium Valu (MV) Parcels with value from £15 to £134.99: Individual parcels will be charged with Import VAT of 20% from the Statistical Value.
High Value (HV) Parcels with value above £135: Individual parcels will be charged as per the Import VAT of 20%, plus Import Customs Duties depending on the products categories, all applied to the Statistical Value of each parcel.

Statistical Value  - The Import VAT and Import Duties are calculated based on Statistical Value which is the Declared Value slightly increased by the HMRC. From our experience so far but without this being a guaranteed factor, the average statistical factor was 1.04 (4% average increase of the Declared Value to obtain the Statistical Value).

Import Customs Payments are made of the Import VAT, Import Customs Duties and any other Import Taxes paid by EshopWedrop to HMRC (UK Customs Authorities) on behalf of the clients for importing the parcels into UK. They are paid in GBP and the same amounts without any margin on top are updated in the EshopWedrop system for each parcel. The system is then converting the GBP amounts into each destination country’s local currency (e.g. EUR for Lithuania, RON for Romania) based on the official exchange rates published by the local national bank and applicable in the day when the import customs formalities were done and the import payments were made by EshopWedrop on behalf of the clients. These Import Customs Payments will be calculated as amounts to be paid by the client at checkout when each such parcel is ordered by the client for final delivery in the destination country.

Import Customs Clearance Service Fee: This is the service fee charged to the clients by EshopWedrop for the service for taking care of the import formalities of each parcel. These fees are different for LV, MV and HV parcels and are according to the official tariffs list published on the website.

Import Customs Payments Service Fee: this is the service fee charged to the clients by EshopWedrop for the service of making the Import Customs Payments on behalf of the client. These are Import VAT, Import Customs Duties and Other Import Taxes paid by EshopWedrop (or its subcontractors and appointed agenst) to HRMC (UK Customs Authorities) in order to import each parcel. This fee is a percentage from the total amount of such Import Customs Payments made for each parcel, with a min amount being charged and they are according to the official tariffs list published on the website.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Each parcel will be treated individually. This means the Import Customs procedures will be applied separately to each parcel.

In case of more than one parcel for the same client consolidated into one shipment arriving in London Heathrow Airport, UK, the cumulated value of all parcels for the same client is considered for determining each parcels’ customs category (Low Value Parcel, Medium Value Parcel or High Value Parcel).

E.g. regardless of individual values, two parcels each valued £10 will be considered as a Medium Value Parcels – this is as a result of their cumulated value of £20 and will be custom cleared in line with the Medium Value Parcels import customs payments and and services fees as presented above.

Calculate VAT HERE
Calculate Trade Tariffs HERE
Use the EshopWedrop Calculator HERE

Is there a max limit in the parcel’s chargeable weight?
Yes, 1,000 kg.*

Is there a max limit in the parcel’s declared value?
Max value per parcel: USD 2,500*
* If your parcel exceeds any of these limits and prior of ordering, please contact our team and one of our customer’s representatives will advise you of the process needs to be followed. Only parcels within these limits are considered Parcels as defined in our Standard Terms and Conditions and the tariffs and all the other conditions are applicable. Any parcel exceeding any of these limits will need to be agreed with special conditions and tariffs applicable offline.

Is the service available for companies or only for consumers (private individuals)?

The service can be used also by companies but it is very important to understand that the import customs clearances are done in UK electronically and bulk for the entire shipment made of all the parcels consolidated into one transport. Therefore we cannot provide any Import Customs Declaration for each parcel which usually companies require as supporting documentation for the import VAT or import customs duties paid for the import formalities.

The above is applicable for all the parcels even for those for consumers (private individual clients) – there will not be available any individual Import Customs Declaration for individual parcels and we will not be able to provide to the clients supporting documentation for the Import VAT or Import Customs Duties paid for individual parcels.




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