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New Market! Shop from Germany – Receive in Cyprus!

Did you know that Germany is one of the largest e-commerce markets throughout Europe?

We have great news! The German online market is more accessible than ever before!

EshopWedrop Cyprus gives you the chance to access all your favourite online retailers in Germany and enjoy a great variety of products!

So…How it works?

  1. Choose the online store you want to shop from
  2. On the retailer’s checkout instead of adding your address in Cyprus, add your Personal EshopWedrop German Delivery Address
  3. Your Parcel will firstly arrive to us to the EshopWedrop Warehouse and then our team will arrange the Delivery of it in Cyprus.
    - Through that way you can shop from any store in Germany no matters if it delivers in Cyprus or not. EshopWedrop does!
    - The Best Part? You will save lots on the delivery costs!
  4. Once your parcel arrives on our EshopWedrop Warehouse in Germany then you can log in to your EshopWedrop account and choose from which of our collection points in Cyprus you want to receive it or simply add your Home / Office Address and we will deliver it to you!

Simple like this!

You can shop from any online store in Germany you prefer!
Yes, we know there are loads of them!
So, to make your online shopping journey easier, we have prepared a list with our favourite online stores! Check the stores here: GERMAN SHOPS

Want to find more about EshopWedrop works?
Check HERE or feel free to call our customer service and one of your team’s member will be happy to help you!

Happy Shopping!
EshopWedrop Team

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