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Service Alert - Delays in Germany

Service Alert – Parcels delivery from Germany

Due to a third-party issue out of our control, we have been experiencing temporary delays in transporting goods from Germany.

Good News! You can now continue to shop from Germany!

In light of your Black Friday and Christmas shopping we want to ensure you have access to the German market, so you can continue to benefit from accessing a plethora of online retailers and discounted sales promotions.

As a temporary solution, you can shop from most online retailer in Germany and instead of using your EshopWedrop German Address on the retailers check out, please use your EshopWedrop UK Address. See your EshopWedrop account for details of the UK address login

How it works?

  • Shop from an online retailer in Germany
  • On the retailers check out, please use your EshopWedrop UK delivery address (instead of the EshopWedrop Germany address) that you can find on your EshopWedrop Account
  • You parcel will arrive at the EshopWedrop UK Warehouse and our Team will arrange delivery to you in Cyprus.

Will you be compensated for the extra delivery costs incurred?

Yes, of course. We will compensate customers with a discount on your next EshopWedrop delivery for the additional costs incurred when sending the products to the UK warehouse via a standard delivery.

For example:

Retailer domestic delivery cost to German Warehouse is €5.

Retailer delivery cost to the UK warehouse is €7

EshopWedrop will activate a €2 discount for your next order.


What steps do I need to take?

  • On the retailers check please use your EshopWedrop UK delivery address and please pay for the parcel to be delivered to the UK.
  • Once your order is complete, please contact the EshopWedrop Customers Service via email, providing them with all relevant documentation showing the delivery costs incurred.
    • Please send these documents to:
  • EshopWedrop will then arrange for you to be compensated for the extra costs incurred. This will be applied as a discount when making placing the EshopWedrop delivery from the UK to your country.

Kind Regards,

EshopWedrop Team

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