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#ShareThePain - #ShareTheGain

Thank you for reaching out with #ShareThePain  – EshopWedrop has listened!

We understand that we have seriously dropped the ball since the start of the year, and we are deeply saddened that since January 2021 deliveries of your parcels from the UK and US have taken much longer than initially expected.

We also recognize that for many of you with parcels from the UK, confusion, uncertainty, and unexpected costs have arisen due to the disruptions caused by Brexit and the newly introduced customs clearance procedures.

This was not acceptable! At EshopWedrop, we have taken this very seriously and have taken extra measures to rectify this moving forward with the aim of mitigating future delays. Each department at EshopWedrop, from operations to customer support and marketing, has been working around the clock since the beginning of January to put together a new and more efficient solution for import customs clearance into the EU that works not only for your parcels from the US but also from the UK.

We have also listened to your feedback on social media – and we want to apologize to all our customers and to let you know that we accept full responsibility for letting you down earlier this year. Where customers have often felt let down and ignored, we have no excuse. Slow or non-existent communication has left you angry, and rightfully so! We could make the excuse that Brexit and the many changes required in the new year had left us overwhelmed and attempt to shift blame elsewhere, but that would serve no useful purpose moving forward. 

We thank you again for the trust you had in us and we deeply regret if we have lost that. We can only try to regain your confidence and take your feedback on board in the future.

To that end we are temporarily waiving our import customs clearance services fees* on ALL parcels ordered for last mile delivery in your EshopWedrop account from 15th February to 31st March 2021 (promo with nil fees will be automatically applied at checkout). This means that when you use our service during this period you’re saving on every parcel. We encourage you to share this news with your friends on social media using #ShareTheGain:

Low-Value Parcels (customs value up to EUR 22):
Import Customs Clearance Fee from
EUR 0.99 is reduced to ZERO
Import Customs Payments Fee from 9.99% is reduced to ZERO
Mid Value Parcels (customs value from EUR 22 to EUR 150):
Import Customs Clearance Fee from
EUR 4.99 is reduced to ZERO
Import Customs Payments Fee from 9.99% is reduced to ZERO
High-Value Parcels (customs value over EUR 150):
Import Customs Clearance Fee from
EUR 9.99 is reduced to ZERO
Import Customs Payments Fee from 9.99% is reduced to ZERO

Know that we will continue to learn from our mistakes and take ownership when things go wrong. Moving forward, we will strive for total transparency with our customers and to rectify any situation for you as soon as we are able! We ask for your continued patience and loyalty as we work to bring our standards up to the level you deserve once more.  

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If you still have concerns or issues regarding our service, please share with us what happened and how EshopWedrop can fix this for you? We want to make things right! 

*only the EshopWedrop fees for the import customs clearance services are waived. Import Duties and Import VAT are applicable as charged by the customs authorities for each parcel.

EshopWedrop Team

**Import Customs Clearance Service Fee:

This is the service fee charged to EshopWedrop customers for taking care of the import formalities for each package. These rates differ for low, medium, or high-value packages and correspond to the list of official rates published on the website.

Import Customs Payments Service Fee:

This is the tariff for services, charged to customers by EshopWedrop for making import customs payments on behalf of the customer. These are import VAT, import customs duties, and other import taxes paid by EshopWedrop for the import of each package

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