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Shop online from Amazon – Receive in Cyprus

When browsing through Amazon’s website, you can sometimes find yourself looking at your dream shoes or wish-list party dress, but soon the browsing stops because what’s the point if the delivery costs are too high, or if the seller doesn’t even deliver to Cyprus?

There is a simple solution to all of your worries, and it all comes easy… well as soon as you register with EshopWedrop! EshopWedrop is a delivery service that gives you the ability to order products from Amazon to Cyprus in a fast, simple and cost-effective way.

How to order from Amazon?

Many people question whether Amazon will actually send ordered products to Cyprus. It is true that most of the times they do, but other times it all depends on the seller. Not with EshopWedrop! We give you the chance to use any Amazon website to shop for whatever you need and have your parcels delivered to you in Cyprus.

Some Amazon sellers do not deliver to other countries; however, this does not mean that the item is out of reach. However, Tax, VAT and customs duties should be considered when buying any item from Amazon in order to have a realistic view on the final price of the order.

What is EshopWedrop and how does it work?

EshopWedrop is a simple and cost-effective way of having your goods delivered to you in Cyprus... and here is how it works:

  • Register here and shop online from any online store, including Amazon in Europe & USA.
  • Add the items that you would like to purchase to the retailers shopping bag.
  • When placing an order from the retailers checkout page, instead of entering your home address, enter the address of the EshopWedrop HQ located in the country you are shopping from. These addresses can be found in your personal EshopWedrop account. For example, if you are shopping from the UK, then use your EshopWedrop UK Address. 

Once your parcel arrives at the HQ warehouse in Cyprus, you can either collect your parcel or choose to have your parcel delivered by a courier to your home.

All thanks to EshopWedrop, delivery is extremely fast and cost-effective, starting from just €3.99! You can calculate the total cost of delivery, with no additional hidden fees, at any time, just by using the price calculator on our website. Also, during the entire process, you are able to track your parcel’s journey until it reaches you.

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